Craigslist dating mistake What girls are doing wrong in dating What girls are doing wrong in dating

Craigslist dating mistake
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My friend Roosh from Loveawake dating site already wrote a post about things wrong with American women. On the other hand there are some women out here that are just fine but might be subconsciously doing things that may result in them being pumped and dumped or going out on a first date and getting no call backs for a second date. If this is you and you’re wondering what you might be doing wrong either on dates or during conversations with guys, pay attention and take some notes. If they’re not calling back after sex or the first date it might be because…..

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 You didn’t pump fake
Even if he’s the one that called and asked for the first date, even if he picked the day place and time. When the check comes and you don’t even make the fake, slow motion hand creep towards your wallet. You come off looking like a spoiled. gold digging chick that uses guys for free drinks and a meal. If that’s the case so be it, but acting like you “expect'’ a guy to pay for everything makes you come off looking like a spoiled princess which equals headache. If he’s into you or thinks the date went well then obviously he’ll deny your pump fake and offer to pay. If he’s not then consider you paying probably assurance he wont call anyway so no need to sweat it. Then there might also be the chance that you’re one of those 21st century independent chicks that don’t mind paying for stuff, but what are the chances of that happening.

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 You verbalize your low market value
This guy is already into you because he asked for your number called and asked you out on a date. You guys might have gone a few dates already. Why would you vocalize your insecurities by saying you wish you were skinnier, or you really don’t think you’re as pretty as other girls? Or even point out other girls who you think are more attractive than you when you’re out. I know sometimes girls do this looking for an ego stroke or compliment. You might even get one from the dude. But one of the thing every singe guy wonders when he’s with a girl is, “Can I do better” Why answer that question for him by telling him yes?

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 You don’t match his communication
If I guy calls you, you’re response should be a call back not a “hey what’s up text message”. If he text, don’t send him an e mail saying sorry you missed his text. If he e mails, don’t send him a message via carrier pigeon. Even though it might seem convenient at times, to most guys this comes off as playing some weird power game. The first sign of game then it’s game on and you might get moved to the bottom of the list for someone who matches response or responds in a timely fashion.

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 Using the I don’t usually do this l
Even if it’s true, it sound fake so don’t even bother saying it. It will usually be followed with a similar cliché line from the guy, “yeah, I’ll call you”.

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 Trying to be too witty or funny,
I’m a funny mother fucker, and I actually like funny/ witty chicks. The thing is most guys aren’t funny at all or whatsoever. So when you start cracking jokes or being oh so witty, to most guys it comes off as a weird competition. If you’re funnier or wittier than the guy then it feels like you’re doing his job for him because guys are supposed to make the girls laugh. Listen it’s not your fault for being better than him at something, but you might want to wait till you guys know each other before you let your fledgling stand up career fly.

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